What We Do . . .

Comprehensive Financial Planning

With asset allocation as the centerpiece, we assess all of the following areas and make specific recommendations in a written report.

Budgeting - knowing your savings goals and how to achieve them is the first step

Debt Reduction - your money needs to be working for you, not the other way around

Liquidity - prepare for financial emergencies and opportunities

Insurance - protect what you already  have

Asset Allocation - tailored to your risk tolerance a your individual circumstances

Tax Planning - make the most of the tax breaks available to you

Gifting - leaving a legacy to your family or community

Estate/Probate - making sure your money goes where you want it to


For an hourly fee, we help you solve your financial problems - from filling out forms to choosing the right plan to save for college, to modeling cash flows from rental property - we provide answers to your specific questions. We can also be there to represent you when meeting with your accountant, attorney, or other professional advisor. 

Money Management

For a small percentage of total assets under management, we will manage all or part of your investment portfolio according to your goals and instructions.


Will all our services we aim to educate our clients in order to give them the confidence they are making the right choice for themselves.

What We Are Not . . .


We are not licensed to practice law and, as such, do not give legal advice. Likewise, we cannot prepare many of the trust, title transfer, etc. documents we recommend. We suggest you use a lawyer you trust or have them recommend one if they are not a specialist in these areas. There are many fine attorneys available and we will be happy to help you find one.


Again, we are not licensed CPAs though there are any number of fine ones available. We will be more than happy to work with yours.

Tax Preparation Service

We always make our recommendations with tax consequences in mind and will work hand-in-hand with your tax firm, but we do not offer tax preparation services.

Brokerage/Custodial Service/Record Keepers

You always have control over your assets - they are never in our name. Even when we manage your funds directly, we do so through Powers of Attorney.


We earn no commissions or referral fees from the financial products we recommend. All of our compensation comes from our clients. We feel this lets you have the confidence that we have your interests, and yours alone, in mind.

This does not mean that no one is ever earning commissions on these products - for example, it is virtually impossible to buy insurance without a commission being paid - it's just not us. This means that our decision to place a certain product with you is unbiased.

We may, from time to time, recommend other professionals (lawyers for example). They may be recommending us to their clients as well. This is a good thing as we hope to maintain a network of talented professionals available to meet your needs. Rest assured however, we would be recommending them to you, not giving your name to them.

We would, however, love for you to recommend us to family and friends if you are pleased with the results. Word-of-mouth recommendations are gold in this business and we aim to earn yours.


You will deal with me, John Dutemple, CFA. To make up for our lack of size, rest assured that we never ask for upfront payment, assets are always under your control, and you should always receive written analyses and recommendations. You will always get personal service and professional results.

Compton Advisors, LLC is registered in the state of Missouri only. This is not an offer to market our Registered Investment Advisory services outside the state of Missouri.