Financial Podcasts on iTunes

I've written before on Dave Ramsey's radio program. Well that and other financial programs are available though Apple's iTunes. The podcasts are free but you'll need the iTunes software (also free) and a highspeed data connection. Right now I'm listening to:

Dave Ramsey:

Not so much investing as personal finance - especially for those who may be
struggling to find a way out of poor choices and into good ones. Be aware
there is a major religious component to his message.

Brian Preston (aka The Money Guy):

More of a traditional financial planner. Very common-sense advice.

Andrew Horowitz (aka The Disciplined Investor):

Far more high profile guest interviews. Leans a little to the technical analysis
side for my tastes.

Most of these podcasts can be had directly from their web sites if you don't want to go through iTunes.

Let me know what you're listening to.