Save $1,000 This Month

Keeping with the new 'cheap is cool' paradigm we now find ourselves in, I direct you to Ramit Sethi's blog "I Will Teach You to be Rich" and his "Save $1,000 in 30 Days" challenge.

The blog is evolving with a new tip posted each day and he has promised to focus on reasonable, do-able changes.

So far its been a mixed bag with some topics like "Optimize Your Cellphone Bill" (I don't have a cellphone so how about zero - is zero optimal enough for you? Blame it on (or thank) my depression-era parents - we still had a party line in the 70s.)

On the other hand, he's finally gotten me to pack my own lunches - something I needed to do for health as well as economy.

There's no need to sign up if you don't want too - you can get to the tips for free. Check it out and maybe learn something.