The drawback to running a blog is that initially at least, you have a big Chicken or Egg dilemma: there's no point in putting out content if no one reads it, but no one is going to read a blog that doesn't put out new content. This is compounded in the financial services industry (yeah, I'm an industrialist) because you have to keep copies of everything you write for the regulators (because their view is that, technically, this is marketing).

But this blog has been languishing as a spot to simply post proposed trades as required by our Policies & Procedures and it's about time it started to earn its keep (the trade posts will stay though). At the very least, I'll repost links to helpful articles, but will add my own 2 cents where I think it will help. The information will lean less towards news headlines (Dow up 0.12 today!) - though I will throw out some headlines that are relevant to our projection models - and more towards emerging analysis and thoughtful pieces.

Our initial publishing schedule looks like we're going to have a links round-up on Fridays so you have some time over the weekend to read it, plus random shots of what, if anything, bubbles up during the week.

If this looks like Josh Brown's M.O. you're right, but as they say, the key to success is to find someone who's successful and do what they do. Josh's blog is wonderful and I urge you to follow him ( There will be some overlap, but I'll try to focus on what I think will be helpful and interesting to you. You'll also see a lot of info I'm gleaning from John Mauldin. Both these guys are insightful and prolific as all get out.


When we get the bugs worked out, we'll be launching a YouTube channel to get some of the information out to a wider audience. No need to subscribe to that however as we'll embed those videos in blog posts here and, if you can wait until quarter-end, our Advisors' Outlook.

Finally, we'll be adding back our 'Holdings' page to our website so you can see what our Covered Persons (i.e. me) have in the way of family and trust holdings (issues only - not amounts). We'll be relaunching that after the first of the year.